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April 11, 2024
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• How did markets respond to US inflation at 3.5%?
• What has Meta recently unveiled?
• What's the purpose of Prime Minister Kishida's visit?
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Markets Slash Bets on Rate Cuts as US Inflation Rises to 3.5%
The core consumer price index rose by 0.4% in March, maintaining a year-over-year rate of 3.8%, contrary to predictions. Financial markets reacted strongly, with the dollar and Treasury yields surging, and the stock market declining. Despite hopes for deceleration, progress has stalled over the past nine months. The report reshuffled expectations for Fed rate cuts, with December now favored as the first likely month for a cut. Challenges posed by sustained higher interest rates may impact President Biden's reelection campaign, particularly with rising gasoline prices. Additionally, while real earnings growth slowed, Fed officials await further data before considering rate adjustments at their next meeting in May. Read more

Meta Unveils Next-Generation AI Chip: Artemis
Meta Platforms revealed details on Wednesday about its latest in-house artificial intelligence accelerator chip, named "Artemis," aimed at reducing the company's dependence on Nvidia's AI chips and lowering energy costs. The Meta Training and Inference Accelerator (MTIA) chip, manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co on its "5nm" process, boasts three times the performance of its predecessor. Meta's comprehensive custom silicon initiative encompasses investments in both hardware and software development to optimize its infrastructure efficiently. Already operational in data centers, the chip supports AI applications and ongoing programs aimed at expanding its capabilities, including generative AI workload. Read more

President Biden Hosts Prime Minister Kishida for State Visit
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's visit to Washington spotlights shared concerns over Chinese military actions in the Pacific and a rare public disagreement regarding a Japanese company's bid to purchase a U.S. firm. President Biden warmly welcomes Kishida, emphasizing the enduring alliance between their nations. Despite Biden's opposition to the sale of a U.S. steel company to a Japanese firm, both leaders aim to strengthen their partnership. Discussions encompass defense upgrades, Japan's support for Ukraine, and potential inclusion in the AUKUS pact. Kishida's visit underscores the significance of cooperation in maintaining Indo-Pacific stability. Read more

What are Index Options?

Index options provide investors with exposure to the overall performance of a specific market or sector, rather than relying on the fortunes of individual companies. This diversification can help mitigate company-specific risks and provide a broader view of market movements, enhancing portfolio stability and potential returns.
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Options are contracts giving the purchaser the right – but not the obligation — to buy or sell a security at a fixed price within a specific period of time. Stock options are traded on a number of exchanges.

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