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Feb 8, 2024
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• What is the stance of Fed Officials on interest rate cuts?
• How is NY Community Bank addressing its stock slide?
• How do Disney, Arm, and Alibaba financial reports impact markets?
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US Fed Officials Urge Patience on Interest Rate Cuts
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome H. Powell, in a recent "60 Minutes" interview, hinted at the central bank's contemplation of lowering interest rates amid easing inflation. However, he emphasized the necessity for sustained progress in controlling price increases before taking any action. Powell acknowledged the likelihood of lower borrowing costs but suggested that a decision might not occur at the March meeting. Stressing the ongoing importance of inflation moderation, Powell's comments imply potential rate cuts this year, affecting mortgages and loans. Despite previous concerns, the economy has exceeded expectations, showcasing robust job markets and wage gains. Powell underscored the Fed's dedication to independent policy decisions, emphasizing immunity from political considerations. Read more

New York Community Bank Aims to Halt Stock Slide, Reassures Investors of Strength
NYCB is addressing investor concerns amid a week of stock decline and a Moody's downgrade to junk status. To instill confidence, NYCB emphasized increased total deposits and ample liquidity, surpassing uninsured deposits. Newly appointed executive chairman, Alessandro DiNello, assured minimal deposit outflow and a commitment to reducing commercial real estate concentration. Despite these efforts, NYCB's stock has tumbled by 57% since a surprising move on January 31, which included a dividend cut and quarterly loss. Moody's cited financial challenges, risk management issues, and governance concerns, heightening worries about NYCB's exposure and potential funding pressure. Read more

Disney's 'New Era,' AI Boosting Arm, and Alibaba's Income Miss Impact Markets
Disney’s premarket gains followed a robust first-quarter report, revealing an adjusted profit per share of $1.22 and significant cost savings. Arm's shares surged on raised annual guidance, resulting in a $16 billion windfall for SoftBank and its first profit in five quarters. In contrast, Alibaba's shares slumped due to a lower-than-expected Q4 profit and weak consumer demand in China, impacting the Hang Seng index. Additionally, Chinese consumer prices continued in deflationary territory for the fourth consecutive month, contracting by 0.8% in January. Read more

Election 2024: How Stocks Perform in Election Years

In the upcoming election year, both investors and politicians are poised to face various challenges. Regrettably, historical trends in the S&P 500's performance during U.S. presidential election years hint at the possibility of lackluster returns for investors in 2024.
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Naked Options

When a sophisticated investor sells an options contract without owning the underlying security. If the option ends up being exercised, then the seller will have to buy the security at market price in order to meet their obligation of delivering the security at the option strike price.

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