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Jan 18, 2024
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• Why are rate-cut bets receiving a reality check?
• What's going on with Boeing 737 Max 9 planes?
• Why is TSMC's value expected to continue increasing? 
Dow Jones S&P 500 Nasdaq
37,180.79 (-0.23%) 4756.87 (+0.37%) 14,855.62 (-0.59%)
Opening price as of 01/18/2024 compared to last close
U.S. Dollar Surge as Rate-Cut Bets Get a Reality Check
The U.S. dollar maintained its position near a five-week high against major currencies, influenced by robust U.S. retail sales data that tempered expectations of an imminent Federal Reserve interest rate cut. The U.S. dollar index, measuring against six rivals, experienced a slight dip to 103.37, down from its Wednesday peak of 103.69. Traders revised down the probability of a Fed rate cut by March to 61%, a decrease from the 65% reported on Tuesday. Despite a mix of U.S. data, the strength in retail sales suggests a cautious approach to rate cuts. Read more

Boeing CEO Acknowledges Mistake After Alaska Airlines Door Blowout
Dave Calhoun, Boeing's CEO, admitted to the company's mistake after a 737 Max 9's door plug blew out midair on an Alaska Airlines flight. Calhoun highlighted transparency and collaboration with the NTSB in the investigation. The FAA temporarily grounded 171 Boeing 737 Max 9 planes for safety inspections due to concerns about loose hardware. Investigations are ongoing, focusing on unaccounted-for bolts, and a class-action lawsuit has been filed against plug manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems. The NTSB is working to determine the cause and enhance safety procedures. Read more

TSMC's $59 Billion Surge Fueled by AI Demand
The recent surge in TSMC's value, totaling $59 billion, is poised to persist due to heightened demand in artificial intelligence (AI). With a 12% increase in TSMC's shares, optimism in the AI sector is evident, contributing to the broader recovery of the global chip industry. Analysts predict a potential 20% gain, underscoring TSMC's pivotal role in AI chip production. Despite geopolitical uncertainties, TSMC's resilience, robust earnings, and expansive global plans position it as an appealing investment, driven by its solid technology leadership. Read more

Almost as Good as It Gets…But Will It Last?
“The data we have received the last few months is allowing the Committee to consider cutting the policy rate in 2024. However, concerns about the sustainability of these data trends requires changes in the path of policy to be carefully calibrated and not rushed.”
—Christopher J. Waller,  Federal Reserve Governor
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Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

An employee benefit plan that is set up as a trust fund and provides employees with the option to acquire ownership interests in the form of company stock. Both the company and the employees receive tax benefits for participating in the plan. Distributions are typically tied to a vesting schedule, meaning the longer an employee stays with the company the higher their proportion of shares increases. Once fully vested, an employee who leaves the company or retires will often sell the shares back to the company in exchange for a lump sum of cash or recurring payments.

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